Ziax & CubeCraft

Ziax & CubeCraft

August 16, 2019

Associate Producer for Minecraft marketplace team.

My Year in Industry at CubeCraft Games/Ziax

During my placement at CubeCraft Games/Ziax, I had the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

Major Projects and Team Collaboration

I was involved in major marketplace content releases, coordinating with designers and contributing to content creation. We embarked on “game-jam” style projects, completing and submitting a project within a week.

One significant collaboration was with an external partner, FTB. I took the lead in training FTB’s behavior engineers and guiding them through simple projects. Our collaboration culminated in a large “skyblock” project, enhancing my speaking and teamwork skills.

Technical Contributions

I proposed and created a Python tool to automate the process of packaging files for submission to the Marketplace. This tool proved invaluable to the team. As new updates and features were released for the game, I took the initiative to experiment with them and create examples of their uses.

Learning and Growth

My time at CubeCraft Games/Ziax was a journey of growth and learning. I honed my planning, management, and technical skills, and made significant contributions to the team. This experience has been instrumental in enhancing my employability and business skills.