Technocamps 2015

Technocamps 2015

October 17, 2015

The task was to create a sports-related LEGO robot. We won with our creation ZEUS which was a goal keeper.


Team Lightning emerged victorious at Technocamps 2015, overcoming numerous challenges to secure 1st place in the competition.

Over a period of 6 weeks, we planned and built a robot named ZEUS, a football goalkeeper. The entire team contributed to the project, with myself fine-tuning the programming and Edward organizing the team. We all had a fair chance to participate and learned new skills both as a team and individually.

The Robot

The challenge was to create a robot that could replace a human in a sport. We chose to design a goalkeeper for the sport of football. Building ZEUS presented several challenges related to structure, mobility, and aesthetics. However, with some team members having prior experience with complex LEGO designs, we were able to build a strong and attractive robot.

ZEUS operates using two ultrasonic sensors, one on each side. It moves towards the direction of the ball based on which sensor detects the ball first. A flipper mechanism in the center flicks the ball away once detected by a light sensor. For added effect, we incorporated a thunder sound that plays upon a hit.