Team Lightning

Team Lightning

January 1, 2015

Participated in many robotics competitions such as Technocamps and First Lego League.


I competed in robotics competitions, mainly involving Lego, and I took the initiative to coach younger pupils for future participation. My aim was to achieve the best for myself and for those I taught about the evolving world of robots.

From my experiences, I learned how to work better in a group and to communicate my ideas effectively. I wanted to keep all the successes I achieved in school robotics in one place. Over time, more than twenty different pupils were involved with my work or showed interest.

Lego Robotics at our school originally started in Spring 2013. Since then, I was involved with the Technocamps annual competitions and the First Lego League championships. Team Lightning came to life after Technocamps 2015 when we, the main participants, decided to keep a group name rather than changing it all the time. After that, the name and lightning symbol were recognised by all who joined us or competed against us.