April 26, 2017

Project code from Team Lightning's Pet Pal hub. This is the project we presented at the FLL Finals in America.


We attended the First Lego League UK and Ireland finals over the half term of Feburary 2017. We had won the regional South Wales final and were prepared to compete against 47 other teams in order to try and win the opportunity to attend the World Festival in St. Louis, USA. It was a great day of fun and competition where we participated in three rounds of the robot game. We had several interviews to discuss our robot design, project and core values. We have put many hours into developing our robot and features which would allow us to complete different objectives on the board and try to get the highest possible score.

​Throughout the day our team work was being assessed and discussed in the core values session as well as the project we had developed which allowed a pet owner to monitor their pet when they weren’t at home. Our team won the Robot design in the competition, and as the top placed Welsh team, we had been invited to attend The First Lego League World Festival in St. Louis, USA at the end of April. Exciting times were ahead!