November 29, 2018

A website that can host activites such as quizzes and voting events. This started off as a side project to our school's annual Charities Day.


GroupQuiz is a website designed to host activities such as quizzes and voting events. It was initially created as a side project for our school’s annual Charities Day, with the aim of engaging more people in activities that incorporate their mobile phones.

Key Features

  • Simple Design: The website uses Bootstrap 4 for a responsive design and Jinja2 to automatically populate pages with necessary information.
  • Unique Usernames: On first visit, users are assigned a random fun username and grouped by their year.
  • Currency System: Activities can cost credits or be free to enter. Users purchase a unique code that provides 10 credits for use on the website.
  • Easy Setup: Quizzes and events are stored in JSON for easy addition, removal, or editing. Customizable question timings are also available.
  • Quick Control: An admin panel provides statistics on user numbers and event entries.


The project was a successful endeavor to increase engagement during our school’s Charities Day. It served as a learning experience, enhancing our understanding of Flask, MySQL, CSS, Javascript, and Jinja2. The server was run on one of our computers, allowing people to connect to a specific point to visit the GroupQuiz website.