February 17, 2019

My Welsh Baccalaureate Project, I developed a client software for game server hosting.


Galaxie is a software solution designed to optimize the gaming experience. It provides a web store for purchasing services, including a selection of server subscriptions ranging from basic to pro, and for modded servers.


  • Game Selection: Customize the order of your games and control how you want to load them.
  • Server Console: Displays server information such as commands and errors. This is a place for advanced users to enter commands.
  • Player Menu: Allows you to track players and control the whitelist. It also provides controls for managing the server.


The software allows you to load up a game and connect to a server. For instance, you can join a server running Minecraft, and the software will display that you are joining the server. You can also kick all players from the game or shut down the server directly from the software.

Future Improvements

Currently, the software can only run Minecraft servers. However, future versions are planned to support all games showcased on the website.